My journey into magic started at the age of 6, where I began learning effects from the local magic shop in order to show friends and family. I believe that by the age of 8, I had every item in the store..

I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand for the first 13 years of my life, studying in Bangkok Patana School where I would spend occasional lunch hours showing friends little bits of magic.

At 13 I departed to California where I spent the next 8 years studying towards a Bachelors in Business.

Also, After a 10 year hiatus, I got back into magic full force, spending countless hours and sleepless nights working on new presentations and effects. Learning all I could about my favorite instrument, the pack of cards. 

I continued my studies in Singapore, finishing off my Bachelors in International Business, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship with an added diploma in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism.

During this time I also heavily focused on magic, performing hours a day which also included a few corporate events, house parties, a presentation at Singapore Polytecnic, and an entrepreneurial networking event. 

I moved back to Bangkok in 2014 to open an entertainment company performing top notch close-up magic for adult audiences. 

My Magic

​About Me

I have spent the past 13 years working on Close-up/Intimate style magic for adult audiences. I mainly utilize cards and coins, among other variety of objects. 

I like to  incorporate stories, anecdotes, and jokes to my presentations in order to create a more holistic approach to entertainment.

I also believe that both my educational and societal background helps me understand and interact in a more suitable fashion with my clientele. This in turn allows for a better overall experience for everyone.  

They say a musician should learn a few instruments but always pick 1 to master. I have picked the simple pack of cards for it allows a multitude of effects, stories, and interactions that can easily create a very unique and memorable experience.. It'll definitely be one you'll never forget. 

It's not about doing tricks. It's about taking an audience to another place, a special place, so they can really suspend their disbelief. 

Its about amazing the audience as well as moving them..

                                                                     -David Copperfield